Snowkel - Natsu no Kyouryuu
(Summer Dinosaur)

I wake up in the middle of the night
I’m alone in the soundless room
I turn my eyes to the veranda
And absentmindedly
I wait for the dawn to break

Sometimes at night
I become afraid morning will come
And as if to erase the silence
I hum a song

Moonlight vaguely illuminates this room
Somehow it becomes a bit suffocating
So I open a window

I pretended not to see
Your fossil, your warmth
Never throwing it away
As dawn comes, I close my eyes again

I wanted to hide from the morning light
And dove under the thin sheets
The sober waking even stopped
This morning beginning to make a sound

My letters to you arrived
But I received not a single one in return
After I lost you, you kept increasing bit by bit

Even the smallest summer fossil
Brings back memories of us
You left big footsteps in my heart
Even now, it’s as if I can touch them with my hands

My tears overflowed, I’m drowning in loneliness
I slip into the sound of a town with its eyes closed
And hide my feelings
Unable to put it into words
I try singing that song