Snowkel - REWIND

These feelings well up
Faster, faster
There’s no stopping it
This sound that won’t stop ringing
Repeats over and over in my head

Even when I try to overtake it
Suddenly, shrouded in mist, there’s a slope
We're only drifting away from each other
The dilemma always cast a shadow

It’s not enough to assemble the puzzle
Of my scattered heart’s words
I can’t find the pieces

My love song lost its wings
It just sits impatiently inside my heart
For how long? Forever?

The heaped up past
Over time I’ve shaken it off
Like getting lost
I listened to your voice without turning away

It feels like I alone have forgotten something
Everyone in the whole world knows

I want to tell you properly
But even now I can’t put it into words
It’s annoying

I want to ascertain the continuation
Of this daydream with my own eyes
This mirage of you will soon become an illusion

My love song lost its wings
I couldn’t see the other side so I ran
I want to give you a love song
The refrain is always within my heart
It won’t stop For how long?