MUCC - Haribote no Otona
(Paper-mache Adults)

Please, come over here
Go ahead, open the door
Over there, nothing binds you
But nothing will protect you either

You can do whatever you like to your heart’s content
But take care, freedom and ruthlessness are two sides of the same coin
So in the end, how much of a sin is ignorance?

Through equality and inequality, the days keep piling up
Like heaps of dust the time piles up
A children's song, sobbing, a pitiful 20-year-old child
Please fulfill your promise, won't anyone help?

Mornings, nights and heartbeats hollowly repeat themselves
Held against the sun, the 20 years become transparent

Through equality and inequality, the days revolve for everyone all the same
Superiority and inferiority can't be so simply overturned
A children's song, sobbing, after all, we're paper mache adults
Please fulfill your promise

Teasingly, time will keep piling up
It'll pile equally for everyone, like snow, like ashes