Hello and welcome to my page!
This website was started on a whim, but somehow I got sucked in and I keep wanting to add more and more. I feel a strong nostalgia for the internet of the 2000s, when I was younger and life was simpler. I'm trying to recapture a little bit of that joy. Please feel free to look around, new content will be added regularly occasionally!

09.12.2020 Added some cooordinates, added a page for art people have drawn of me
18.07.2020 Added a page for my lyric translations, please check it out!
28.02.2020 Added a coordinate, added a list of visual novels played because reviewing all of them would take half my life
13.02.2020 Added a coordinates page, shuffled some links around
08.02.2020 Added a book review page, added some visual novel reviews
04.02.2020 Added some links, updated about page, wrote a far too long Pokemon review
30.01.2020 Added Reviews page, added guestbook, added Links page, including my own site button!
28.01.2020 Added favourites to About page
27.01.2020 Added Misc page, added some quiz results to Misc page

Elsewhere on the web:

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Otome game review blog on Wordpress
Art on Twitter
Discord ID nef#2504